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One Direction Pitch

Research Question

Somehow I convinced the lecturer to let me use One Direction as the subject of my research paper!

New Zealand

Personal Project

These are the highlights of my New Zealand trip, hope it makes you jealous!

Swinburne Cheerleading Team Training

Uni Project

This video montage is designed to give viewers a preview into the training of the Swinburne Cheerleading team for the unit 'Professional Communication'.


Uni Project

A short film about what happens when you encounter your Tinder match in real life, for the unit 'Digital Audio and Video'

Student Life

Uni Project

This is our cheek in tongue clip that plays on the stereotypes of reality show dramas which occurs on our TV screens everyday for the unit 'Digital and Audio'.

Meet the Board Members

Paid project

This clip introduces you to the administration board members at the Highett Neighbourhood Community House.

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